Sony PSZHC2T 2TB Rugged External Hard Drive with USB3.0 Type C

  • Dual USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Type-A and Type-C Interfaces
  • 2TB Storage Space
  • High Durability and Reliability
  • Memory Media Utility Software
  • High Capacity and Speed
  • exFAT pre-formatted
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This 2TB HDD comes with a Type-A and a Type-C Dual USB 3.1(Gen 1) ports. For Type-A, it comes paired with a tethered cable, whereas the Type-C connector gives you the option to use a long USB cable. The drive provides a fast transfer rate of 138MB/s to help keep up with your post-production workflow.

As for durability, the HDD has a casing surrounding it made up of silicon which drastically increases its shock resistance as well as splash resistance. The Hard Disk Drive also comes with a protective hard case for ease and safety of transport/handling. From Sony's personal testing, as well as Military Standards, the HDD's are able to withstand up to 2.4 meters falls with the hard case, and 2 meters without. The drives are also protected against weak rain.

Dual Ports, USB 3.0, keep your data safe during sudden/unexpected problems with a port. As for software, Sony has made available a Memory Media Utility which allows for simultaneous back-up to three destinations, including a function to verify, while the library will display information about all of the portable storage devices that have be registered to the software.

The units are in exFAT format in order to be compatible with Sony hardware, as well as Mac and PCs.

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